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Yoga Games Compendium

Got some kids to entertain? We’ve got good news! We have made a Yoga Games Compendium – including 24 fun yoga games for kids. To give you an idea of the games, below are three examples from the compendium to get you started. If you want to grab all 24 games, hit the button!

Grab the Yoga Games Compendium!

It’s great to have a few yoga games up your sleeve – so you never run out of things to do in a class! They are great for holiday clubs and summer programs as well and yoga themed birthday parties. They can add variety to a regular kids yoga sessions too, and are a really fun way to start or end a class. Yoga games can work well as a warm-up or a peaceful way to close your class and send everyone home feeling calm and relaxed. These yoga games are also brilliant for teachers to use in the classroom. Yoga games can be really good at helping kids with their focus and work well as a brain break, making learning and school work much more productive. Why not try these games:

Yogi SaysTREE POSE!!!

Like Simon Says but with Yoga!

What you need

• Space for everyone to spread out so they can see the Yogi

How to play

There’s a little song that describes the way this game works – you can make up a tune that will fit.

“If Yogi says, ‘Yogi Says,’ you must do what Yogi says; and if she doesn’t say ‘Yogi Says,’ you must not do what Yogi says!”

Pick someone to be Yogi. They have to think of a yoga pose and then call it out. As the song explains, if they start with ‘Yogi Says (name of yoga pose)’ everyone has to do it. If they just say the name of the pose and no ‘Yogi Says’ nobody should do it. Keep changing the person being Yogi, so everyone gets a turn. If someone does do it by mistake – you could have them do 3 bunny hops as a forfeit (although kids love bunny hops so might enjoy this!!)


Great for focus and strengthening toes!

What you need

• Coloured craft pom pomspom poms

• Small bowls or containersbowls

How to play

Give everyone a little bowl or container and tip out all the pom poms into the middle of the space. The children have to use their toes only to pick up the pom poms and put them in their bowl. They keep going until all the pom poms have been collected. The winner is the one with the most pom poms in their bowl. You can also do this with other small objects – conkers, marbles or acorns. Pom poms are nice and squidgy though, so are easier to pick up with small toes.

Sandwich Race

Sandwich raceThis game is really energising and quite sporty!

What you need

• Space

How to play

Have the children line up and sit opposite a partner in sandwich pose or seated forward bend with their feet touching. This makes a ladder of sandwiches with one line of children sat one side and a second line sat opposite. Call one side the A team and the other side the B team. Number each pair 1 to however many pairs you have. When you call out a number that pair have to jump up, run up the ‘ladder’ to the top, down the outsides of their line then back up the ‘ladder’ from the bottom to sit down in their original place. The first one back gets a point for their team. Do enough number call outs to make sure everyone gets at least one race up the ladder. Keep score for each team and award the winning team a sticker each.

Grab the Yoga Games Compendium!

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