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Cosmic Kids Impact Report 

We exist to help kids be happy, healthy and strong!

We regularly ask parents, teachers and guardians who use Cosmic Kids at home or in the classroom what they think of Cosmic Kids. This feedback allows us to see if we’re making a positive difference to kids around the world, and also to continue improving our videos and our App. 

Below, you can find some highlights from our most recent impact report, which delivers the verdict of more than 3,000 parents, carers and teachers on Cosmic Kids! Or, you can read the full report here.

How we know Cosmic Kids is working…

We regularly ask you that key question – does Cosmic Kids have a positive impact on your children? In our last survey (2021) a whopping 3,378 people responded. We learnt….

  • 99% said Cosmic Kids has a positive impact on their kids’ physical and mental health
  • 90.3% saw a positive change in kids’ strength and balance
  • 79.4% saw a positive change in kids’ confidence
  • 76.25% saw a positive change in kids’ ability to focus

You also told us that Cosmic Kids…

  • Helped kids, teachers and parents through Covid and other crisis moments.
  • Can engage and support kids with wider physical and emotional needs.  

We’re over the moon with these results!

If you have stories of impact, or insight you can share about how Cosmic Kids is working for you and your kids please do get in touch!

How we think about our Purpose and Impact

Jaime takes yoga and mindfulness and wraps it in fun and story, and we use it to help kids be happy, healthy and strong. This purpose drives our every move, and gets us bouncing out of bed every morning!

But what does helping kids be happy, healthy and strong actually mean?! This is where we do a lot of thinking behind the fun… and we can break down how we go from PURPOSE, to IMPACT in three steps…

Step 1

Our Purpose – The foundation of Cosmic Kids

We think kids can be happy, healthy and strong if we help them develop across five dimensions: their bodies, senses, mind, sense of self and how they interact with the wider world. 

Step 2

Our Process – Applying our purpose to our videos!

Jaime writes films to share knowledge, tools and experiences that help kids grow across all of those dimensions!

Step 3

Our Impact – Seeing the benefits of kids yoga in the real world

This leads to physical, emotional and social benefits that help kids in their everyday lives, such as… 

  • Physical literacy
  • Strength and balance
  • Being better at noticing emotions
  • Dealing with powerful thoughts and feelings
  • Feeling positive about what they can achieve
  • Being empathetic to people around them
  • & in many more ways!

…and we want ALL kids to be able to access the benefits of yoga and mindfulness through Cosmic Kids.

About our YouTube Channel & the Cosmic Kids App

We’re committed to ensuring all kids, no matter what their circumstances, can access Cosmic Kids for free. 

  • Since we started, our films have had over 325m views 
  • Every 90 days we have roughly 4.5m unique views
  • And because Cosmic Kids is used in thousands of classrooms, the number of individual kids watching is even higher! 

Knowing that so many kids are experiencing the physical and mental health benefits of yoga and mindfulness through Cosmic Kids is totally mind blowing!  

Making our films obviously has a financial cost, and so to keep free access via YouTube and YouTube Kids we also ask people to pay to watch all of our episodes (including some exclusive adventures) ad-free on the app…  

We know this sounds a bit strange, but it’s what we call our ‘balanced business model’ – and we think it’s a lovely way to work. We ask people that can and want to support us to join our mission by subscribing to our App, and their amazing support means we can keep a good chunk of our films free for all kids.  

The Cosmic Kids Lab makes sure no kids are left out

Through the CK Lab, we team up with experts to develop yoga and mindfulness content that is accessible, helpful and fun for kids who live with particular challenges such as issues with their mobility, autism, or struggling with their mental health. 

Here’s an example of the Cosmic Kids Lab in action: 

  1. We listen to parents, teachers and therapists who think Cosmic Kids can support children living with a particular issue 
  2. We pick an issue that we believe we can be helpful on, and work closely with  an expert partner to build our understanding of the experiences and needs of those kids
  3. We plug this knowledge into Jaime’s creative process to produce films and activities that target those needs (like a Cosmic Kids prescription, but one that kids really want to follow!)

Our partners then share the films with the kids they work with, and we share them on our YouTube channel so we reach as many kids as possible who might not already be receiving the support they need. 

Share your impact story with us…

Has Cosmic Kids helped in your home or school? Or is your child a HUGE Cosmic Kids fan? Reach out and share your story! We love to hear about the impact our adventures, discos, games and meditations are having out there in the world.