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If you want to get your kids moving for a couple of minutes - try Cosmic Kids Yoga Disco. Great for a brain break - or for just jumping around to, they are music tracks with yoga movement and breathing built in.

A little over a year ago Jaime and I decided to try making some music for Cosmic Kids. We both really love music: Jaime has a good voice, and (I soon found out) an amazing knack for writing melody. I've been in bands over the years, and enjoy making music on the computer. We'd never made music together before though, and it's been such a fun thing to do.

We wanted Cosmic Kids music to help kids move and also to encourage yoga, and we wanted them to be good to adult ears as well as kids' - but beyond that we had no idea what we would do. Then I came into the living room one day and found Jaime singing into her phone.

She had been writing lyrics and creating melodies and recording them into her iPhone. She played back what she had done. She's got an amazing ear for melody - and the lyrics were perfect for what we are trying to do. Jaime emailed me the recordings and I took them into Logic Pro and started creating music around them.

We've made 3 tracks now - Washing Machine Song is the first, and this year we will be releasing at least two more.

We decided to make a video of each of the songs so that kids could see what Jaime is doing and copy her moves.

All songs are available free on YouTube

The next track is out in the first half of the 2015. The third later in the year.

Each song is a different genre - this one's kind of latin disco ('Rihanna meets Gloria Estefan'!), the next is electro, the one after that is DRUM AND BASS!

All vocals were recorded to an iPhone.

All songs available on iTunes and on Spotify too. Look (how cool is that!)

Washing Machine Song is mixed and mastered by our friend, Ian Betts.

We are going to make an album if we can find time this year. It turns out we should have done this before releasing our first single but we hope to get it done soon.

We called ourselves 'Cosmic Kids Yoga' - as there is already a (seriously awesome) duet who make dance music called Cosmic Kids.

Here's the video for Washing Machine Song - enjoy!

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