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Our New Guided Relaxations For Kids

We’ve made a brand new series of guided relaxations for kids. They’re called Peace Out, and they are designed to introduce kids aged 5+ into mindfulness. They are free on YouTube.

We’ll be releasing a new Peace Out video free every month on YouTube. Here’s a helpful little introduction video you can watch with your kids:

Every Peace Out video (14 of them) is available now ad-free on Cosmic Kids Complete – our ad free subscription channel

And there are two albums of 60+ minutes each available to buy and download as MP3s here from our website too.

The first Peace Out episode is now available for you to try on YouTube! It’s called ‘Balloon’. We hope you enjoy it!

They are mostly a listening experience, but we have made videos for them so they are accessible on YouTube. Eventually we hope kids will be comfortable closing their eyes and having a wonderful daydream listening to these guided meditations.

We hope this helps your kids really enjoy relaxation. It’s a challenge but the benefits are huge, and we think Peace Out (thanks to the Cosmic Kids community’s feedback) has what it takes.  

Peace Out!

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