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If you're reading this then you're thinking about doing our free one hour Kids Yoga Crash Course. Brilliant!

Just like you I'm passionate about the benefits of kids yoga. It promotes happiness, strength, balance, confidence, healthy sleep, improved digestion... The list goes on, which is why I want to empower as many people as possible, people just like you, to teach yoga to children.

Happy kids make happy adults

The things we love in childhood have a tendency to stick around. Introducing kids to yoga is great because they're much more likely to carry their learning into adulthood. I don't know about you but I reckon the world could do with a lot more healthy, happy adults.

You don't have to be a qualified yoga teacher to teach yoga to kids. You just need to practice yoga yourself and make sure you have all the relevant bits of paper if you're going to teach in schools. Check out our teacher training FAQ for more details.

Kids Yoga Crash Course with Jaime from Cosmic Kids Yoga

What's the Kids Yoga Crash Course all about then?

So, what will you learn about in our crash course? Well, split into three fun and engaging videos, the course takes you through the core principles of teaching kids yoga. Once completed you'll have a general understanding of how to develop and lead a class.

Here's a quick run-down of what's in each video:

1. Breathing life into the postures

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In just 30 minutes I'll take you through the key things you need to remember when teaching postures to kids. You can even download a free postures poster to help support you as you learn. Here are the basic points:

Teach basic yoga This helps to keep both you and the kids safe and injury free. It also helps build the children's confidence.

Keep your instructions simple Kids have short attention spans. And they generally don't speak Sanskrit. Forget technical language. Use sound effects. Be silly. Just have fun and keep it simple.

Give every pose a universe Bring your poses to life. Give them names and jobs, friends and places to live. Details like this will help you tell stories and stories will help to keep the kids attention all the way through your sessions.

Which brings us nicely onto...

2. The incredible power of story

Stories have been around since the dawn of time and kids absolutely love them. If you start telling kids a story they're going to want to know how it ends.

In this video I'll take you through a brilliant formula for telling compelling kids yoga stories. You can also download a free storyometer to help fire up your imagination.

Here are few things to consider when coming up with a story:

What's your message? What do you want your story to teach the children about themselves or the world?

Who's your hero or heroine? Pick an animal and give him/her a name. The kids are more likely to follow the story if they care about what happens its hero.

Who are their friends? Your main character is going to need some buddies. Pick a few other animals and give them names too.

What's the problem? You need a problem to solve to help drive home your message, like bullies in the playground or separation anxiety.

3. Using energy to hold attention

If you work with or have children then you know how short their attention spans can be. In this final video I share my top tips for holding their attention all the way through your class.

Sign up today!

So there we have it. One hour, three videos and a whole lot of learning for free. Why not sign up for our Kids Yoga Crash Course and start your journey today?

Or, if you want to go a step further and train for professional certification, our full online course, Getting Started in Kids Yoga, is ready whenever you are. Sign up today and get a 10% discount.

There's also a really helpful review of the Kids Yoga Crash Course, written by Jess.

Bye for now. Have fun!

Jaime X

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