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Helping kids strengthen their respiratory function.

We’re trialing a new film to help kids strengthen their respiratory (breathing) function…

Owl finds a hot air balloon that’s crashed! Frog, bunny, rainbow, lion and dragon all try a different way to help blow it back up, and set it sailing off into the sky.

The film is based on the Active Cycle of Breathing Technique (ACBT). It’s been created for kids with Ataxia, but children with Cystic Fibrosis or Neuromuscular Disease might also find it useful (always great to check with their physio about how it might complement their existing plan). Children who are going into hospital might also like to watch too so they know how to practice breathing after they have an operation. 

If you watch the film with a child who needs help to strengthen their breathing, we’d love your feedback via this short survey.

We’ve made the film in a more informal style – without the usual Cosmic Kids production wizardry. If it works we can make more films more quickly to help kids with particular needs. 

The film has been created in collaboration with the brilliant folks at the A-Team Collaborative who are funded by Action for A-T. There’s been input from clinical academics at the University of Plymouth and clinicians from Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. It’s part of a wider clinical trial Cosmic Kids is delighted to be involved in, which will look at the impact yoga can have for kids with Ataxia. More on that in the coming months!

This type of film comes out of the CK Lab, where we take on specific issues faced by kids, partner with experts in that field, combine their knowledge with Jaime’s creative magic, and produce content that helps those kids while still being super fun! 

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