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Introducing the CK Lab

The CK Lab is where we innovate for kids with additional needs. We team up with amazing child development specialists, combine their expertise with the magic and creativity of Cosmic Kids, and produce content that helps kids meet a particular physical or mental health challenge.

Through the CK Lab we’re working with the University of Plymouth and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust to support kids with Ataxia and wider respiratory and strength and balance issues, Grief Encounter to support kids who have experienced bereavement of someone close, The Loddon School for kids with autism, the NSPCC for kids struggling with their mental health, and the National Deaf Children’s Society (UK) to create accessible signed content.

So how does the CK Lab work in practice…

  1. We listen to parents, teachers and therapists who think Cosmic Kids can support children living with a particular issue. 
  2. We pick an issue that we believe we can be helpful on, and work closely with an expert partner to build our understanding of the experiences and needs of those kids. 
  3. We plug this knowledge into Jaime’s creative process to produce films and activities that target those needs (like a Cosmic Kids prescription, but one that kids really want to follow!). 
  4. Our partners share the films with the kids they work with, and we share them on our YouTube channel so we reach as many kids as possible who might not already be receiving the support they need. 

The CK Lab helps us to make sure Cosmic kids is for all kids:

  • – It pushes us to have really meaningful engagement with kids and parents about how we can make Cosmic Kids properly accessible to them.
  • – It drives us to take impact very seriously, making sure our films provide tangible support and solutions for kids and parents who really need it.
  • – It helps ensure we are constantly learning, through collaborating the specialist CK Lab partners.
  • – And all that great stimulus and provocation and learning seeps into everything else we do at Cosmic Kids, making all our content stronger for your kids.

We think the creative discipline and energy The CK Lab gives us is genuinely awesome. It’s a proper virtuous circle, and something we’re really proud of.

Talk to us

If you’re a parent or professional working with kids with additional needs, you think Cosmic Kids can help, and you’re able to collaborate with us to produce content that really works – please get in touch with [email protected]

Support our work in the CK Lab

The CK Lab is funded by the wonderful people who subscribe to the Cosmic Kids App. If you’d like to support the work of the CK Lab you can download the App too! It’s also the only place to watch every Cosmic Kids film we’ve ever made, safe and ad-free. You can sign-up for our free 14 day trial here.