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Posted by James Baderman on 13 07 2022

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Top Tips to Raise Kids Who Love Reading

Reading has a whole host of big ticks for your child’s development, so how can we encourage our children to get lost in the wonderful world of reading?

Seven Simple Language Hacks that Help Kids Self-Esteem

Hello! Jaime here... Today, I want to talk about helping your child have better self-esteem.  We all know, language is a powerful tool. Using it mindfully can make a world of difference to how your child feels about themselves. Even […]

We have LIFT OFF! 🚀

Yoga in Space....can it be done? We've teamed up with The European Space Agency (ESA) to find out the answer to this intriguing question and more! Last year ESA got in touch with Cosmic Kids and asked us to design a […]

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