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We have LIFT OFF! 🚀

Yoga in Space….can it be done?

We’ve teamed up with The European Space Agency (ESA) to find out the answer to this intriguing question and more!

Last year ESA got in touch with Cosmic Kids and asked us to design a yoga plan for astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti to try in space!

We were so excited to be the first people to work with an astronaut on yoga in space that we decided to make THREE brand new videos for kids all about this cosmic topic! You’ll find them on YouTube and our app.

Making an Astronaut Yoga Plan (Out Now!)

To accompany the videos we’ve created a free downloadable PDF of the Astronaut Yoga Plan for use in schools and at home as the kids follow Samantha’s incredible journey!

This free PDF contains the full yoga plan – pose by pose as well as loads of fun space facts and classroom activities for the kids to enjoy!

We hope our videos and accompanying activities ignite some of the passion, ambition and excitement we’ve experienced for space, science and engineering during this collaboration with ESA.

Our intention is for children to feel inspired and excited by what they see, learn and do on this journey. Whilst at the same time gaining an understanding of what it takes to be an Astronaut and how yoga and mindfulness tools plays an important part in helping us stay Calm, Strong and Confident.


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