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New Zen Den episode out now on our App!

We’re super excited to launch the first of our new app exclusive Zen Den episodes coming out this year!

Enjoy a little preview.

In our Zen Den series we try to make mindfulness as applied to real life as possible, so it makes good sense to kids and they can take the learning into their own life with ease. In this episode we’re talking about DIFFERENCE – and in particular about what to do when we meet someone who doesn’t look the same as us.

Jaime’s insight in this episode is that it’s often shyness that makes it challenging for kids to connect with others who look different from them. And the answer to this shyness is to ask questions! By finding out what someone else enjoys, or where they go on holiday, or what their favourite sandwich is, we break the ice, have something to talk about and realise we all have so much in common.

Jaime uses a personal story from her own childhood about when she meet Azucena, to demonstrate how by using mindfulness and empathy we can recognise and overcome our feelings of shyness and open up to one another.

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