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Make your own Superhero Mask!

Join me on Wednesday January 13th 2021 on IG live where we will be making our very own Superhero Masks!

Download the mask templates here – Cosmic Kids Superhero Mask Template

If you’d like to follow along with me in the workshop, here are the items to have at the ready:

  • Printed mask template – on card if possible
  • Scissors
  • Colouring pens/pencils
  • Craft glue or pritt stick
  • Craft decorations – pom poms, pipe cleaners, sequins, stickers, lolly sticks etc
  • Elastic, string or ribbon to make the tie
  • Hole punch (optional)

You can also discover your very own Superhero name using our special name and power chart! Find the first letter of your name and the word in the first column goes before your name. Your special Superhero power is in the second column. So my superhero name is Joyful Jaime and my superpower is Helping Those In Need!

Why are we doing this workshop…

On the Cosmic Kids App we have just launched a brand new yoga adventure series called Superhero Kids Yoga in Space! Our mask making workshop will celebrate this epic new set of adventures and get you primed and ready to tap into your own super powers!

In each video in the series we focus in on one of our favourite Superheroes. We discover what makes them awesome and we try out their powers using our yoga. At the end of each 10 minute long episode we uncover the ‘hero hack’ – something we can take away and use in our own lives.

Whilst Superheroes are known for being tough and saving the world with their strength, we also discover how many of their powers are steeped in mindfulness, awareness and compassion based core values. These are the most inspiring powers ultimately and are the ones that hold the most benefit to our kids.

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