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Cosmic Kids named Apple’s App of the Day… Again!

We’re over the moon to have been named Apple’s App of the Day, for the second time! It’s always lovely to be recognised for doing good stuff, but it’s all the more exciting when a big brand like Apple gives us a shout out.

It helps us introduce new teachers and parents to Cosmic Kids, and that is rocket-fuel for our mission – to share the world’s most FUN yoga and mindfulness to help kids be Happy, Healthy and Strong.

The lovely people at Apple said…

‘It’s fun! Yogi storyteller Jaime is your guide, weaving yoga poses into short stories in colourful settings – the jungle, under the sea, a dinosaur park – while noting the benefits of each posture.’

They also brilliantly highlighted our Zen Den series, which is always a way to our hearts…

‘It’s all about mindfulness in the Zen Den, where Jaime teaches important social and emotional skills for life, such as how to make good choices.’

Subscribing to the Cosmic Kids App is the only way to stream every film we’ve ever made, make your own playlists based on what your kids need and want, and for all that to be totally safe and add free.

Plus – and what a lot of people don’t know – when you subscribe to our App, you enable us to keep lots of our films free to access via YouTube. That means you’re helping to us ensure there are no barriers for any kid, anywhere in the world, to benefit from the magic of yoga and mindfulness.

So thanks Apple, and thanks to you!