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Cosmic Kids meets This American Life

We got an email from Ira Glass at This American Life – asking if we could make a grown-up version of a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure for his podcast. His son is a fan, and Ira had been watching him do his yoga and thought Jaime is a great storyteller to hold his attention that well. We went through lots of possible movies we could turn into a yoga adventure and settled on Thelma and Louise – and then we got to work. It was a great experience working with someone so creative and also so clear about what works and excellent at communicating. We are so happy that Cosmic Kids gives us these opportunities to work with brilliant people!

We’re really pleased with the outcome too and proud of featuring on such a legendary podcast. Thank you to Ira and team for an amazing experience!

You can hear it here: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/717/audience-of-one/act-four-8