Jaime's Fantastically Fun Yoga & Mindfulness


We are counting down the days until ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti heads of into space on her second mission (Minerva) to the International Space Station, where alongside other VERY important stuff – she’ll be doing COSMIC KIDS YOGA!

Last year Jaime had the pleasure of visiting the European Space Agency, learning all about what happens up there and meeting Samantha in person to share a special Astronaut Yoga Plan she’d designed for her to practice while in space!


We’ve made a video all about Jaime’s trip to the European Space Agency as well as a brand new Yoga in Space adventure featuring real life astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti! (Coming soon)


In conjunction with the videos we’ve created a downloadable PDF of the Astronaut Yoga Plan for use in school and at home as the children follow Samantha’s incredible journey!

The free PDF contains the full yoga plan – pose by pose and links to our brand new Yoga in Space videos, as well as loads of fun space facts and classroom activities for the kids to enjoy!

The videos and accompanying document will be available soon! Watch this SPAAAAAAACE!