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We made a Yoga Adventure with Paul McCartney!

Earlier this year, an email dropped into Martin’s inbox from Paul McCartney’s team! What could the most successful pop musician ever, an icon, a legend, possibly want from Cosmic Kids? To sing a duet with me? To borrow my cosminoculars?

Well close enough – they wanted us to make a Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure based on his lovely new children’s book ‘Grandude’s Green Submarine’!  

It’s been brilliant working with Paul’s team, being able to use his music and writing and even his voice, as well the beautiful illustrations by Kathryn Durst. The result is one of my most favourite Yoga Adventures ever.

Grandude's Green Submarine by Paul McCartney

The story is about the relationship between children (or Chillers as Paul calls them) and grandparents (Grandudes and Nandudes!). It’s a wonderful adventure in which Grandude travels across rivers, jungles and oceans to find Nandude, guided by her amazing music – written by the man himself and featuring on our Yoga Adventure! 

We know there are more than a few of you out there that like to do Cosmic Kids yoga with your own Chillers and we love that we get to tell the story of that inter-generational connection between grandparents and grandkids – where there is so much magic flowing in both directions.

We hope you love it too, especially if you’re a Nandude or Grandude!

A huge thank you to MPL and Penguin for giving us full access to all of Kathryn’s amazing illustrations. We made the most of it by putting me in the pop-up pages of the book! This was a total dream come true. And while Paul and I haven’t met (yet!) it’s amazing to have connected with one of the greatest artists of all time. Wow! 

We hope to do more collaborations with wonderful artists and stories like this in the future. And until then, I’ll let you know when Paul and I do that duet! 

Lots of love, Jaime x

All materials from Grandude’s Green Submarine licensed courtesy of MPL Communications Ltd. Thanks to @hannah_cartwheels for the image of Grandparent & Grandchild