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*** Special offer for Cosmic Kids fans! ***

Hi everyone! We're running a special promotion for Cosmic Kids fans on our new books:


To get your free fanclub wallet, just email proof of your preorder (a screenshot or confirmation email) to: [email protected]

We only have 100 packs so please enter soon!

Fan Club Wallet Cutout

These are really exclusive - only 25 kids in the world have them at the moment. Each includes a Cosmic Kids patch just like Jaime's, a magic namaste card (a moving photo of Jaime saying Namaste) and a cool activity sheet full of all sorts of fun and games - all in a special wallet. Kids love them.

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**1 Cosmic Kids fan pack per order. Please remember to include the name and address of the Cosmic Kid you want the fan pack sent to!

Jaime introduces our NEW Cosmic Kids yoga books!

We've always wanted to be able to do books! And we're thrilled to announce that we have FOUR new kids yoga books coming out in 2016/17! Our books are designed to combine movement and reading - like our yoga adventures on YouTube but in print form.



The great thing about books is that they allow kids to take the yoga at their own pace, to do it away from the screen and develop their reading ability.

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Books 3D Norris and Lulu

Some top tips to make the most of the books:

Read the story, copy the moves and enjoy the adventure

This is an active book! To make the story come to life, the children act it out by doing the yoga moves. This makes it a lot of fun and provides children with a great, balanced yoga routine. They can come back to it again and again, copy the yoga photos and read the instructions to become more skilled and develop their own yoga practice.

Join in with the sound effects and sing the songs

Making fun sounds as you do the moves helps to remind children of the poses and the songs help capture the message of the story

Have a go following the video version of the story on the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel before you do the story as a book.

The children will really enjoy doing the story in the book and then doing it again on the video following along with me.

Play a game - How many yoga poses can be remembered from the story?

After reading the story and acting it out it’s fun to find out which yoga poses the children remember and like doing most.

Talk about the story afterwards

Each story has a really helpful life lesson and it really helps the children absorb it if you talk about what happened. I like to find out if the children can relate to the characters in the story. What do they think they would do if they found themselves in a similar situation? These books offer practical techniques for dealing with common issues experienced by children - like dealing with frustration or bullying - so it’s really helpful if they have the opportunity to affirm what they learnt from the story so they can call upon those techniques when similar real life situations occur.

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