Buy One Give One in December!

To celebrate Giving Tuesday, we're running our biggest ever promotion on our App. For the whole of December, when you buy a new annual subscription to the Cosmic Kids App we will give another one FREE to the person of your choice!

Our App is the safest place to view our videos - and the only place where you can view ALL of them. It works on your browser and through multiple apps (all included) - iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. It's a fabulous gift to give to a friend or a teacher who loves Cosmic Kids!

Here's how it works:

Go to the App homepage, select Start Free Trial, and make sure the Annual Subscription is selected. Then input your payment details.

After payment for your annual subscription completes , we will email you asking you to nominate your friend, and to share their email with us. (If you're on a 2 week free trial, this will happen after that ends).

Once we’ve received your nomination, we will email them an invitation to a free annual subscription to the Cosmic Kids App which begins immediately. They will not need to make any payment or even put in their card details. Please allow a few days between nomination and your nominee getting their invitation to the free subscription. Their free subscription will last for 12 months.


Terms and Conditions

The Buy One Gift One offer applies only to new annual paying subscribers to the Cosmic Kids App, including switchers from monthly and when you have gifted n annual subscription to someone else (in which case you as gifter will be asked to nominate another person to receive a free annual subscription).
For the avoidance of doubt, this offer does not apply to renewals of existing annual subscribers.
To qualify for the Buy One Gift One offer, the date when you sign up for a new annual subscription (either a free trial or full annual subscription) must fall within December 2020.
After your payment for your annual subscription completes, we will email you asking you to nominate your friend, and asking you to share their email with us.
Please note if you are in a 2 week free trial, payment is only taken at the end of that period. For the avoidance of doubt: if you cancel your subscription during your free trial, you do not qualify for the free gifted subscription.
Once we’ve received your nomination, we will email them an invitation to a free annual subscription to the Cosmic Kids App which begins immediately. They will not need to make any payment or even put in their card details. Please allow a few days between nomination and your nominee getting their invitation to the free subscription. Their free subscription will lapse after 12 months.
Please note: you may not nominate an existing subscriber to the Cosmic Kids App, only a new subscriber. We will ask you for an alternative nominee if your first choice is an existing customer.
Please note we must receive your nominee’s email address by the end of January, when the offer lapses.
All purchases including recurring charges are final and non-refundable.
If you cancel your subscription within the 2 week free trial (and therefore do not complete payment) you will not qualify for the offer.If you have questions, please send us a message via the blue chat bubble on the right if you can see it or email Frances on [email protected]

Why should you download the Cosmic Kids App?

Ever since launching the Cosmic Kids brand in 2011, our mission has been to share yoga and mindfulness with children via screen time that parents can trust to be a safe and healthy experience.  Today’s children are at a stage in their lives where they should be constantly enriching their minds, learning new activities, and most importantly, having fun while doing so. By practicing mindfulness at an early age, they can decrease stress, improve self-awareness, and enhance cognitive development. 

Visit the Cosmic Kids app!

At Cosmic Kids, we strive to refine the yoga experience and make it more fun by creating interactive stories, characters and situations for children. We call these Yoga Adventures. Many of our yoga adventures are inspired by stories from popular films such as Frozen, Star Wars, Minecraft, and Moana, to name a few. 

We believe children thrive best when they are placed in an immersive environment that is conducive to growth and learning. Our yoga and mindfulness videos use eye-catching visuals and encouraging dialogue to keep young viewers engaged from start to finish.

Here is a sample guided yoga video from our “Getting Started” playlist:

Currently, we share a lot of free content on our YouTube account, which has over 900,000 subscribers and counting (thank you so much to our supporters). But we also offer our very own Cosmic Kids Yoga App! Below are a few reasons why you should consider downloading the app:

  1. It's the only place to get complete range of Cosmic Kids videos. Every video from every yoga and mindfulness series is on the app. There are hundreds of yoga and mindfulness videos on the app, including many for every age between 3 and 9. What's our app is the only place all our new videos are featured.
  2. The app is made exclusively for kids. As a result of YouTube’s algorithm, recommendations, advertisements, and links to unknown websites can flood the screen. And believe it or not, even the YouTube Kids app is not 100% reliable. YouTube has uploads coming from a large range of unregulated and sometimes questionable creators - so even in the YouTube Kids app, the mix of content is potentially risky. In addition to blocking potentially in-appropriate ads, the Cosmic Kids app is also a much more streamlined and user-friendly way to view our content.
  3. User customization. Curating video playlists on YouTube can sometimes be cumbersome. We’ve simplified the process in our app by organizing playlists by age, duration, and series for easy use. You can also highlight your favorite videos, add them to a personal playlist and also download them for offline use. This might come in handy during traveling, or at any time when a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable.
  4. The app is fully functional across all devices. YouTube views will always take place in a YouTube environment with all the links, banners and advertisements they decide to post on the same page. Whether your preferred device is a desktop computer, iOS phone or tablet, Android phone or tablet, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Firestick or Roku, we’ve got you covered! If you switch devices, the app remembers where you left off of each video. The app supports family sharing as well, up to six family members can use this app simultaneously.
  5. Timely updates for every video. Subscribers of the app will receive a notification whenever a new video is uploaded with relevant information about it. 
  6. School-friendly. Some schools may have firewalls that prevent students from accessing YouTube.  Anyone can access the Cosmic Kids app at school. Teachers will also appreciate the seamless ability to cast from the app to any projector.
  7. We offer a risk-free 14-day FREE trial. Try the app for 14 days, then decide. We’re confident you’ll commit!
  8. Only $10/month or a $65/year subscription fee.  By selecting the monthly option, you’ll receive access to premium content for the price of a lunch. Save even more when you pay annually! What’s most important is that your child or student can practice yoga and mindfulness in a safe and encouraging environment for an affordable price. The Cosmic Kids App will give you peace of mind.
  9. You're supporting Cosmic Kids! Since the FTC and YouTube settled out of court, YouTube does not pay sufficient ad revenue to family content creators to sustain publishing high-quality videos. Subscribing to the app is the best way to show your support for Cosmic Kids Yoga and to help us continue to make yoga and mindfulness fun for as many kids as we can.

For more information about the Cosmic Kids App, please check out the following link:

Still on the fence? Cosmic Kids was created to help your kids cultivate a healthy lifestyle from a young age. We believe yoga and mindfulness are powerful tools that can stick with them as they grow. We are confident that you will appreciate what the Cosmic Kids app has to offer. With 65+ yoga adventures, 20+ Zen Den mindfulness sessions, 25 Peace Out guided relaxations, as well as Yoga Pose Universe clips, stories, and songs, we guarantee your kids will love this app and all the content that it has to offer.

As always, we are open to constructive feedback from the community. All questions, comments and concerns are welcome. 

Many of our videos are also offered in Spanish! Check them out here:

For reviews of our  app, check out the following:


The Cosmic Kids App is APP OF THE DAY!

This is a proud moment - our app is App of the Day on the Apple Appstore!

We started our app on desktop based on requests from parents and teachers. They wanted a place away from YouTube where they could watch Cosmic Kids without ads or the risk of bumping into inappropriate content. From 2015 it was on desktop only and in June 2018 we finally created the iOS app.

Now we're App of the Day! You can read more about what Apple are saying about us here!

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