Popcorn the Dolphin Kids Yoga Class Plan – NEW STYLE!

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This 11 page kids yoga class plan will enable YOU to teach the Cosmic Kids Yoga story, Popcorn the Dolphin, step-by-step!

In this story we're on a mission with Popcorn the Dolphin to find the yoga treasure! Along the way we have to face lots of challenges - and thanks to Popcorn showing us how to stay calm, keep breathing and think positive, we are able to achieve more than we ever thought possible! A wonderful story for kids aged 4-8.

This lesson plan is an 11 page PDF download packed full of new features to make your teaching yoga to kids a big success!


An 11 page PDF downloadable kids yoga class plan for the Cosmic Kids Yoga story – Popcorn the Dolphin!

In the downloadable plan you get the following:

  • A lesson plan summary with age recommendation, equipment needed & an overview of the key mindfulness themes of the story.
  • A printable character image to show the kids and bring the story to life.
  • A story script so you can learn it and become the storyteller.
  • Pose summary with images of each pose in sequence alongside key moments of the script.
  • A printable follow-on activity template to be copied and handed out to the kids in your class.

Use this kids yoga class plan in conjunction with the Big Book of Kids Yoga Postures for detailed info on all the poses.
To learn how to teach kids yoga professionally check out our teacher training!

You can watch me teach the story here on the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel:

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