Making a Living as a Kids Yoga Teacher Online Teacher Training

A super practical program to boost your earnings as a kids yoga teacher

This training is designed to help professional kids yoga teachers increase their revenue and profit - by giving them the insight, resources and steps they need to build a sustainable business.


This training helps professional kids yoga teachers boost revenue and profit - by sharing the mentality, resources and steps you need to build a sustainable business

In this program, you get:

  • The key insights and resources you need to build a profitable kids yoga business.
  • a clear understanding the economics of kids yoga - the fundamental workings of any professional kids yoga teacher's business
  • clarity on how to sell kids yoga - ie how to talk about it so schools and parents will buy from you.
  • Jaime's own teaching schedule - plus how she got all her classes started, how much she charges and why they work financially week after week
  • Guidance on how much you should charge based on Jaime's experience and how much the many other teachers in the Cosmic Kids community charge in other markets around the world
  • The steps you take to attract and retain a regular school yoga club, and regular classes in pre-school, including:
    • How to get a meeting
    • How to prepare for that meeting
    • What to present at that meeting
    • How to convert that school into a paying customer
  • The best acquisition and retention tools for the kids yoga teacher — the Taster Session and the Yoga Test  so you know how to get people interested in your class, how to get them signed up and how to make sure they're in the room next term too
  • A full suite of marketing resources to reach out to schools and kindergartens and make the case for kids yoga
  • brilliant worksheet for logging earnings versus overheads - so you know which classes are earning well and which ones are costing you money
  • Tried and tested techniques for attracting customers to your own private classes
  • The documentation kids yoga teachers need to be compliant and legal


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