Cosmic Kids Funsheets 24 pages of games, colouring and craft

24 printable pages of Cosmic Kids colouring pages, mazes, word searches and craft games - with a focus on creativity, imagination and mindfulness.

These funsheets provide brilliant follow-on activities to the Cosmic Kids videos.


Download and print these brilliant activity sheets which are great to build on the learning from the Yoga Adventures.

In the download you get a printable funsheet for the following stories and themes:

Marv the Metal Detective - 'stop and notice'

Lulu the Lion Cub - 'feelings'

Norris the Baby Seahorse - 'friendship'

Tiny the T-Rex - 'looking after my body'

Bab's the Beaver - 'family and community'

Twilight the Unicorn - 'sleeping well'

Jaime's Funsheet - 'making up stories'

Updown the Rabbit - 'happiness'

Popcorn the Dolphin - 'calm and positive'

Talullah the Owlet - 'mindfulness'

Nelson the Pigeon - 'eating healthily'

Stella the Stick Insect - 'confidence'


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