Cosmic Kids Fan Club Pack

$ 15.00

Every Cosmic Kids fan needs their very own fan club pack!

This is the official club wallet containing your very own foldout membership card and magic codeword info! Plus a magic namaste card (the image moves!) and the big Cosmic Kids patch! All delivered to you in the shiniest blue envelope ever! Price includes shipping to anywhere in the world.

There are only a limited number available, so grab one while you can!

Includes shipping to anywhere in the world. Ships from the UK*






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The perfect gift for a Cosmic Kids fan!

This limited edition fan pack includes:

  • Membership wallet
  • Fun Cosmic Kids activity foldout
  • Magic namaste card (the image moves!)
  • Cosmic Kids uniform patch (just like Jaime's!)
  • ....all mailed in an exciting shiny blue envelope!


Free shipping to anywhere in the world! Ships from the UK*

If you want to make your fan pack super exciting to receive, please let us know the full name and address of the Cosmic Kids fan you would like it sent to and we will mail it to them with their name on the label. Fill in all the details for who you want the pack to be shipped to at checkout.

*shipping within the UK 2-3 working days
shipping to Europe 5-10 working days
shipping to Australia 15 working days (added time may be taken due to customs)
shipping to US/Canada 15 working days (added time may be taken due to customs)

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