Conquering Class Management Online teacher training

A coaching course in class management for kids yoga teachers

This training offers practical and successful tips for disruptive behaviour and tried and tested techniques for running successful kids yoga classes. An essential learning experience for all teachers!


A coaching course in class management for kids yoga teachers.

My tools and insights for making the interpersonal side of teaching kids yoga easy, fun and satisfying!

This training equips you with a wide range of techniques you can use immediately to ensure a stable atmosphere in your class. Then it goes a little deeper: exploring how you can build your awareness of what's happening in the class - and also for you - when things get challenging, and what you can do to bring things back.

The goal of the course is to make leading classes easier and more fun, and to help you avoid behavioural problems before they happen ideally, and giving you tools to resolve them if they do.

Here's how the course breaks down:

Firstly, I share the simple but powerful techniques I use in every class to solve the most common class management challenges.

  • The Class Blueprint I prepare before each class
  • How I get the kids from the door and onto the mat ready to do yoga
  • The Golden Rules I agree with every group which govern how we behave.
  • The Basic Behaviour Hacks I use whenever one of a very wide range of common things happen: including what to do when a child decides they don’t want to take part, or when someone wants to go to the bathroom, orwants the attention to be on them instead of you and the yoga, or tells you they’re bored, or doesn’t want to settle down into relaxation.
  • The Three Hats - how to adapt your style depending on what’s going on in the class,
  • How to Be More Interesting than whatever is distracting the kids!


Then we go a little deeper, exploring how we can foster excellent interactions with the kids. As kids yoga teachers, we need heightened awareness of what happens to us when we’re under pressure in the classroom and techniques for bringing ourselves back to being resourceful quickly. We also need to understand the interpersonal side of teaching kids yoga - what it is that makes children want to do yoga with you? How can we move towards them (especially the kids who are being difficult) and develop the sort of trust that is needed to make the yoga a natural thing for them to do?

Next we get into why you are there - what is your intent? - and how understanding this can create powerful authentic experiences for you and the kids.

Finally we bring the real experts in class management in. Experienced professional teachers share their best tricks and tips for making a class work. These are universal and work as well for a kids yoga teacher as a school teacher.

This isn’t a course with quizzes or certificates (though it will contribute to your Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits) - it’s a coaching course, helping you to new insights about yourself and your teaching, combined with a wide range of tried and tested class management techniques for making sure your class goes well.

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