Become a Patron of Cosmic Kids!

Join the Cosmic Kids family and become a Patron today! Your support is amazing and will help us continue to make Cosmic Kids freely available to kids all over the world.

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We want to keep making Cosmic Kids freely available to everyone worldwide and would love you to to be our Patron!
To do that, we have a Patreon page!
When you become a patron you join the family. And in return for your awesome contributions you get all sorts of lovely rewards...

There are three tiers available:

  • $2 / month - you are a SUPER BANANA!
  • $10 / month - you are a DISCO CARROT!!
  • $25 / month - you are a fully fledged COSMIC SPACE MONKEY!!!


Rewards include:

  • Early access to all our videos
  • Personal video messages from Jaime
  • Your name in the credits of our yoga adventures (because you essentially helped to make them!)
  • Free fan packs shipped to you in the mail
  • Random gifts from us landing in your mailbox for just being you

Every contribution is hugely appreciated and you can alter the amount to be less (or more) depending on what you can afford. This is also a great way to simply donate to the Cosmic Kids cause should you feel inclined.

Being a Patron of Cosmic Kids makes a brilliant gift to kids too - it helps them understand what their impact can be and learn how stuff gets made. Click to learn more - we'd love to welcome you in!


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