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Jess’s Review of the Kids Yoga Crash Course


Jess wrote this review of our FREE kids yoga crash course. We thought we’d share it, so you can see what’s involved!


A whistle-stop tour of the world of kids yoga

I just found out I can teach kids yoga. Who knew? Thanks to (Cosmic Kids co-founder and presenter) Jaime Amor’s Kids Yoga Crash Course, if I was asked to cover a kids’ yoga class tomorrow, I wouldn’t leave a human-shaped hole in my office wall as I head for the hills in a panic.

In other words, thanks to Jaime’s clear, confident and engaging teaching style, I now have an arsenal of brand new skills, tools and ideas that I didn’t even know existed. And I learned them all in just one hour. Impressive stuff.

I’m not a qualified yoga teacher but I do practice yoga. As it turns out that’s all you need to learn how to teach yoga to kids. See Cosmic Kids’ teacher training FAQ for more details.

Jaime’s a fantastic teacher. She has a background in acting and kids’ entertainment and over five years’ experience teaching yoga to kids. The woman knows what she’s talking about. And she wants to share her knowledge with you so that you too can spread the good kids’ yoga word.

Split into three easily digestible videos, the crash course takes you through the basic principles of kids’ yoga: postures, storytelling and holding kids’ attention.

There are free downloads to support you while you learn. A bright and breezy postures poster that you can print off big and stick somewhere visible and a fun and easy-to-use storyometer, which I might actually use to help me pen a novel…

The course is free and short – you learn a lot in very little time. And if you like what you try, with just one click you can sign up for professional certification with the full online Getting Started in Kids Yoga teacher training course.

One of the things I loved most about the crash course is that you can’t help but become childlike while you’re doing it. Not only are you learning in the same way as the children you’ll ultimately teach, but your imagination gets a great boost too.

As you breathe life into your postures and build a story around them, your inner child gets a really good run around. I’m now on very familiar terms with Fiona the flamingo, an opera singer who suffers from stage fright and causes an avalanche with her arias. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, who knew?

But it’s not all flamingoes and fun. There’s a serious message too. Cosmic Kids is about empowering children and helping them to connect with their bodies and their minds. Just as it does for adults, yoga helps to improve kids’ concentration, balance, mood, strength, digestion. The list of benefits is long. And so is the list of children signed up to Cosmic Kids – half a million and counting.

One day these kids are going to be adults and they’ll take all that learning with them. I can’t help but feel excited for the future of these little yogis and the worlds they’re going to create.


Check out the Kids Yoga Crash Course to sign up for the free crash course or to find out more about kids’ yoga. Or sign up to the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel to see how Jaime teaches.

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