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Jaime pays a surprise visit!

Wow – we’re just back from an amazing trip to the US. What started with an email became a lesson about shooting for the stars. Ms Witherell, teacher of 4th Grade at Newton School, Greenfield, Mass emailed us asking if Jaime would come to pay a visit to their school in the USA?

And this is what happened!

We’ve never made a surprise visit before – and it came about because of Ms Witherell. Ms Witherell (Jami) is a Cosmic Kids superfan. She has been a Patron of Cosmic Kids since we started out on Patreon and has been in touch with us a number of times over the years letting us know how much impact Cosmic Kids is having in her classroom. We waived our fee for coming and she raised the money to pay for travel and accommodation costs through Donorschoose.org. Here’s her fundraising page.

For her students it was a lesson in gratitude and shooting for the stars! What an amazing teacher!

Ms Witherell also managed to get the local press to cover the day – by writing this inspiring message to them.

Read the newspaper report from the Greenfield Recorder here.


We were thrilled to be able to make the visit – all the way over to Greenfield. 3300 miles from home!

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