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Cosmic Kids yoga done by an astronaut IN SPACE!

It’s happened! A real life astronaut has done Cosmic Kids yoga IN SPACE! We are quite literally – over the moon! 

Watch the incredible Samantha Cristoforetti doing Cosmic Kids on the International Space Station, with Jaime here on Earth. And where ever you are in the galaxy, you can just copy the moves they do and have fun! 

And for kids who love space we have two more films… Watch Jaime and Samantha Making an Astronaut Yoga Plan, and Jaime visiting Samantha and her team at the European Space Agency to learn about life on the International Space Agency. 

And TeachersDownload our Space Resource Pack with five activities including the films, off-screen fun, yoga and more! You don’t need any experience as a yoga teacher or an astronaut to do a great job of sharing this with your kids.

We made these films because space travel is one of the ultimate human adventure stories and it offers a brilliant backdrop for kids’ development. Working on our mission to help keep Samantha happy, healthy and strong in space, we’ve been able to share a universe of topics with kids – gravity, human biology, teamwork, ‘what I want to be when I grew up’, confidence, growth mindset, bravery… 

This is the way we believe kids should learn – a whole range of interwoven, multidisciplinary wonders wrapped up in movement and fun. 

A huge thanks to Samantha Cristoforetti – a truly cosmic adult! For more learning and inspiration, FROM SPACE, we definitely recommend you give her a follow on social media. And an equally huge thanks to our friends at ESA who invited us to take on this special mission, and helped us all along the way. Check out their great kids website for more space learning!

We love partnerships like this because they give us access to new adventures and learning. We use that to help us introduce more kids to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. Mission Accomplished!

We make films like this free for all kids to access on YouTube. It’s part of our mission to give every kid in the world access to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. We can only afford to do that because of the brilliant people who subscribe to our App.

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