Cosmic Kids Impact Stories - Remsen learning from Zen Den

We love it when we hear the impact Cosmic Kids is having in kids' lives. Here's one from a mom, whose little boy has really connected with our mindfulness series, Zen Den.

Here's Remsen:

And here's what his mom said:

Dear Jaime!

I am the mother of a very spirited, active, and often unruly little 4.5 year old boy named Remsen. He is the light of my life, but he's also one of those kids with whom nothing has been easy.

I found Cosmic Kids Zen Den while researching mindfulness for children. I'd tried a couple of videos, guided meditations and techniques, but before Zen Den, nothing really got through.

You, however, have changed so much in our lives. We watch a Zen Den as part of our bedtime routine. It helps Rem calm down and move into a more contemplative headspace. He's decided he wants to be a ninja when he grows up, and I've encouraged that -- because being a ninja has to do with controlling your body, but it's really about controlling your mind.

Remsen's first favorite video was "Superpower Listening," because he was excited about his "Spidey sense." You called your audience right there. His favorite video now is "The Guard Dog and the Owl." It is so useful for him.

Like so much in Zen Den, he was able to follow your instructions and figure out (and this is your genuine talent) that you are for real and really worth listening to. Now, at least some of the time, when he's worked up, he says "I need to do a ten down." And your recommendation to see how slowly you can count to ten? That is gold.

I've shared your videos with friends, teachers, and therapists.

You are the real deal.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I hope this helps Remsen have a lifetime of mindfulness tools at his disposal--whether or not he actually becomes a ninja when he grows up.

All the gratitude in my heart,

Brooklyn, New York.

P.S. Here's a picture of Remsen, who found a quiet corner of a busy playground in Manhattan, and after an hour of running around, sat down in lotus position. I asked him why when he was done, he said, "this place is calm and nice."

Thank you for giving my hyperkinetic whirlwind of a son the fundamentals of a mindfulness practice that he immediately grasped and was able to put into practice.

Genevieve, you are welcome - and we're thrilled that we are helping Remsen learn techniques that help him. We're completely touched by the fact that you've taken the time to get in touch and tell us too! Thank you!

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