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Cosmic Kids for Comic Relief 2022!

We are THRILLED to team up with Comic Relief to bring some yoga and mindfulness to this year’s Red Nose Day. This year it’s all about *FOFBOCNOF!  ‘That’s easy for you to say’ we hear you cry! But it couldn’t be simpler…

*FOFBOCNOF = Feet on Floor, Bum on Chair, Nose on Face. (And breathe!)

It’s a fun moment of mindfulness for the whole class. Practical, effective and super easy. Try it this week using our FREE resources below!

Kids have faced lots of challenges especially over the last couple of years, and helping them with their mental health and wellbeing is more important than ever. The week of Red Nose Day can be so full of excitement and laughs that there can be moments when it all gets a bit much! FOFBOCNOF is a brilliant and fun way to just take a moment, calm down, relax and re-centre ourselves. It can get rid of the wriggles in a busy classroom, or be a tool that kids use at home or school when they need a little help to reset.

So, how can we help you bring a bit of FOFBOCNOF into your classroom this week? 


1. Use Jaime’s FREE Guided Meditation

Jaime talks the class through a guided FOFBOCNOF – free on YouTube and safely away from YouTube on our App. This helps kids experience a really positive mindful few minutes. Show the film as often as you like, or use it as inspiration to guide future mindful moments in your class.


2. Do a special Comic Relief inspired Yoga Adventure!

Jaime travels to Red Nose Island where all the Noses live – bouncing around, laughing, and having a brilliant fun time! We squelch through Bogey Bog, row down Snot River, climb Mount Conk, wiggle into Nostril Nook… all in search of the Noses’s FUNNY POWER! When we find it, we learn all about the noses’ Red Nose Day plans to use their Funny Power to do something good. We are inspired to find our own Funny Power! This film is a great way to get kids active AND mindful, and thinking about what Comic Relief is all about. It also introduces FOFBOCNOF and features a special surprise guest (CLUE: the most famous Comic Relief person EVER!)


3. Get FOFBOCNOF up on the walls in your classroom with our FREE POSTER.

A simple reminder of the FOFBOCNOF flow for you to bring in to your teaching when you sense the fun is beginning to boil over, or the class just needs a change in energy. If you’d like a copy of this FREE poster just click on the link, put in your email address and we’ll email it through.


Download our free FOFBOCNOF poster


If you’re new to Cosmic Kids – we’re on a mission to use yoga and mindfulness to help kids be happy, healthy and strong. Millions of kids around the world watch our fun and story-filled films, at home and in their classrooms. A whopping 99% of parents, carers and teachers say they can see positive mental AND physical health benefits when kids do Cosmic Kids. You can find loads of our films for free on YouTube, or our whole library (over 450 films!) ad-free on our App.