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5 Yoga Postures Kids LOVE

Hello everyone! With kids yoga, I often think it’s all about keeping the kids’ attention. One great way to keep focus is to select poses which the kids love.

Keep the kids focused with poses they love to do.

Try these 5 poses to create laser-beam-like focus in class!:

1.Bunny Hops

Come to all fours, spread your hands wide and tuck your toes. Lift your knees so you’re in a little squat. Lean forward, keeping your arms straight and lightly hop both feet up together, maybe catching a little hang time at the top! Saying “Hoppity hoppity hop” with each bounce. Great for strengthening the core and masses of fun too.


Sit on your bottom, knees bent, feet flat. Bring your hands behind you so your fingers point in towards your hips. Press into your feet and hands and lift your hips to the sky. Like a crab, walk side to side going “Digga Digga Digga Digga Digga OOO!” On the “OOO!” lift up and lengthen one leg like a crab playing football. Brilliant for building strength in the legs, core and arms.


Lie on your front, with your arms down by your sides. Reach your hands together and criss cross your fingers behind your back. Lift up your clasped arms making a shark fin and rock gently from side to side with a big toothy grin on your face! Wonderful lower back strengthening and shoulder opening.


Sit up on your knees and take your bottom down to the side of your feet, like you have a mermaids fish tail swished round to one side. Then sit up very tall with a beautiful long neck and place one hand behind you and the other hand on your knee. Look over your shoulder then back to the front to say in your very best mermaid accent “Ooo La La!” Repeat to the other side, swishing your tail around the other way. Mermaid is a super nourishing spine extension and stimulating twist.


Sit up tall with your legs together and extended out in front of you. “BBbRrriiinnng BBbRrriiinnng, BBbRrriiinnng BBbRrriiinnng, That’s the telephone!” You exclaim. “Let’s answer it!” Taking hold of one of your feet, answer the phone by placing the sole of your foot to your ear, leaving your other leg extended out forward. “Hello…? Who?… Really…” Have fun inventing the conversation remembering to say a lovely goodbye as you pop the receiver down again (replacing the foot to it’s original extended position. Then would you believe it…“BBRrriiinnng BBRrriiinnng, BBRrriiinnng BBRrriiinnng, That’s the OTHER telephone!” You exclaim. “Let’s answer the other one!” Take the other foot this time, placing the sole to your ear again to speak and see who’s calling you!” Telephone is a fantastic hip opener!

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